Building In Youth    -    for future generations

Mentoring youth to build Godly character through construction training.

WANTED:  Mentors, willing to share their construction skills & knowledge with the next generation!

Building In Youth exists to provide construction education and mentoring with a strong emphasis on safety training. 

The vision for this ministry is to tangibly
invest in the next generation through opportunities to draw out students' potential and build self-esteem. 
The challenges facing youth today are greatly impacting their hope for the future.  

Students need a compelling reason to do their best while in school.

The first goal is to establish multiple pathways for youth to connect to living-wage careers. …to heighten a student’s understanding of career opportunities, and how classroom learning relates to the world of work. 
-  High Skills, High Wages Sept 2012Washington State's Workforce & Education Training Board

In Youth
is committed to encourage students to graduate. Emphasizing the importance of integrity, craftsmanship and hard work gives them a goal they can reach for.

Skilled mentors, willing to share their construction knowledge and experience, can help provide a pathway to success for students. 

Through solid hands-on training with project-based learning, students discover abilities and natural talents which build self-confidence.  

We invite you to join us 
as we work together to 
     build in youth
  for God's kingdom.

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One generation shall praise Thy works to another, and shall declare Thy mighty acts.
Psalm 145:4

Construction Workers Christian Fellowship is an international mission organization
providing construction assistance to Christian ministries.


  • Mentor Adventure connects you with short-term projects and youth ready to learn.
  • Share your valuable experience and pass along your faith while working to bless others.
  • If you have a desire to use your gifts and talents for God, join us as we work together to build His Kingdom into the next generation.